Energi offers two types of intruder alarm systems:
This is a traditionally installed intruder alarm system where all component parts are connected by wires
Wire-free alarms, more commonly known as radio alarms,
Take-over of existing systems
If you not satisfied with your existing intruder alarm company or the company has closed down, we can guarantee you a better personal service.

The following types of monitoring are available depending on the level of risk at your premises and your budget:

Auto Dialler
This is the simplest form of monitoring, using an existing telephone line.

On an activation of your alarm system it calls or texts you or your designated key-holders. This method is not suitable for calling any of the emergency services.

Digital Communicator
This is a cost effective single path signalling method and probably the most widely used. This unit can be connected to an existing telephone line or, for more security, a dedicated telephone line.

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