Fire Alarm

Unless anyone can shout “FIRE” to everybody in the building, from any of the fire exits and be clearly heard, you need a fire alarm!
From a simple, cheap break glass/alarm combination unit to a complex fully programmable addressable system linked to the brigade, the range of products and systems on the market is massive.
We have no ties with any particular manufacturer and can therefore give you independent, expert advice as to which product best suits your requirements, including designing installation and maintenance fire alarm systems in accordance with BS5839.Our qualified electricians can install the system with a minimum of fuss and bother whether to an existing building extension or new build. Our technicians can maintain and certificate your fire alarm in full compliance with the legislation and British Standards
Fire alarm systems comprise:

  • Smoke detectors
  • Heat detectors
  • Break glass/alarm actuators
  • Bells and sounders
  • Complex programmable alarm panels for complex buildings
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